In order to ensure our brand and image is consistent, we have provided our branding guidelines as well as a range of downloads for the media and our supporters to use. Please get in touch if you have any further requirements.


Signika family to be used for all digital and printed communication where possible.
Verdana is next preference followed by Arial.

For letters, internal communication and any other body of text, a mid-grey colour should be used. In Word, this is usually the second deepest grey.
The brand colour values to be used for any coloured headings or standout text for printed and digital NCKRF communication are as follows;
Dark Blue 
CMYK. C: 80 M: 40 Y: 0 K: 0 
RGB. R: 34 G: 131 B: 198
HEX: #2283c6
Light Blue
CMYK. C: 65 M: 13 Y: 0 K: 0 
RGB. R: 67 G: 175 B: 228
HEX: #43afe4
CMYK. C: 100 M: 0 Y: 100 K: 5 
RGB. R: 0 G: 156 B: 76
HEX: #009c4c


(has limited options hence slightly different)

Style of headings: Colour: HEX: 1F7FFF
Font for all text: Verdana followed by Arial.
Colour for main body of text: grey


There are essentially two styles, one with the website detailed and one without. They both come in print and digital formats: .jpg .png .eps .tif


We have printed folder copies of the A5 publicity flyer - get in touch with us and we will send you some free of charge for your fundraising/publicity purposes. 
A idea of how a poster might look for your fair/fayre whether at school, village hall, or any venue. 
We always try to host a plant sale in Gosforth Park each year and you could also do a fundraiser in your area - here is the poster to help - simply adjust the text.