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A new approach to assessing donor kidneys offers increased hope to those waiting for kidney transplant. 
Newspaper article about Professor Goodship's success in treating aHUS, a rare renal disease. Helped with funds from NCKRF & Kidney Research UK. 
Dr John Sayer reveals new research into Joubert's Syndrome. 
Agony Aunty Denise Robertson opens NCKRF auction. 
Denise Robertson's own Journal column regaling her evening at the NCKRF auction. 
Interview with Shaun McCowie, aHUS patient. 
Newspaper article highlighting Dr John Sayer's exciting research on kidney stones. 
Newspaper feature about local couple running the Great North Run 2015 for NCKRF after wife has transplant from donor husband. 
A fantastic photo from the 2017 Great North Run featuring kidney transplant recipient and NCKRF supporter, Patrice Buee (front right in our running vest).